Lost And Found 

I would like thank everyone that came aboard and checked out the first three songs I posted. I appreciate the feedback.

This next song is the rocker on the album. It's about a gal who chooses to hold on to the past rather move forward. It's a musical tribute to the early R&B performers I admired growing up. A big thanks goes out to my dear friend George Butts for blowing his classic tenor sax licks on the bridge and Beth Wood for her sturdy back up vocals on the chorus. Enjoy!


It's about time... 

My current project is entitled, "It's about time..." which is a collection of songs ranging from country to Celtic and beyond. The message is love and its many facets. There's the newly discovered,  devotional, elusive, attached, detached, self-realized and divine. I invite you to listen, relax and enjoy. May the blessings be.

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